Its 234 acres were protected in 1995 and 1998, halting a proposed residential subdivision and preserving important remnants of the Mount Beacon … Beacon and Dennings Point remain open, although the Mt. I have been trying to upload pics but it wasnt successful. I was pretty exhausted at that point, and missed the section where you mention to not go down the middle, in between the white makers. The Mount Beacon Incline Railway was a narrow gauge incline railway up Beacon Mountain near Beacon, New York. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. One thing I will say about this hike- I am in ok shape (live in the city, have a job that jeeps me mostly on my feet), but my hiking companion we learned is not, and this hike was rather difficult for him. Cha-ching! Check this link for up-to-the-minute information on the Mt. earlier junction with the yellow trail from the white trail. 34.  Enjoy wide intermittent views as you plunge downhill.  From the Red/White junction, you’ll descend 788 feet on the White Trail. Hi, J! If you find this free trail guide useful, please provide payment by picking up at least one piece of litter on your hike. From here on out, 50% of the proceeds generated from the purchase of sweet custom gear from Hike the Hudson Valley’s online store will be donated to the NY-NJ Trail Conference, the organization that makes so many of our adventures possible. Beacon Membership Application – WR2ABB – Mt Beacon ARC . It was an un-noteworthy gradual and wide decline back to the red trail. If you’re not sure you’re ready for it, maybe pick something a little less strenuous & work your way up to this. The City of Beacon offers a Free Loop Bus that takes hikers from the Metro North Train Station to the Mount Beacon Casino (Red), Wilkenson Memorial (Yellow), and Fishkill Ridge (White) Trail Loop … Thanks! My wife and I took this trail to the casino site, then to the fire tower, and back. Actually, we made it from yellow to blue to white; however, after re-reading this page over and over for where we went wrong, I think I found it! It's rocky and steep for about an hour. Yesterday, I was almost run over by a guy in full moto gear on his motocross bike as Casino ends and WMT begins. This is a picture of the one I saw: Very cool – thanks for sharing that pic here, S! Glad you had a nice day out there, Frank! I’ve updated the trail guide above and removed the warning about the closure. Bid adieu to the Yellow Trail here and turn left onto the Blue Trail. Advanced features of this website require that you enable JavaScript in your browser. Beacon) remain open for the time being. We hiked Beacon today and the parking lot is officially open again! Hi Lisa. Does anyone know if the port-a-potty is back at the entrance? I live in the city but am training for a 50K with massive elevation gain, so this seems like just the right amount of wrong. I’m going back out shortly, I’ll let I know if I figure it out. My wife and I did the hike today and you got us all the way to the top of the tower. We were happy to be wearing microspikes, as were most of the other hikers we met along the way. Want to support trails in the Hudson Valley? I’m thinking we must have missed a (possible?) 36.  In about five minutes, the White Trail crosses a stream on a nice wooden footbridge. I believe that’s correct that the trails up to the fire tower on the Mt Beacon side are open, if only because it would have been big news if they’d been closed, and I would have expected that to be reported in the same stories that reported the Breakneck closures. Hope you had a great hike if you ended up tackling the beast loop. I have done a few of your hikes now, & your jovial tone and detailed instructions are Botha pleasure & a tremendous help. Much appreciated!  See this Scenic Hudson article for more details: Parking Improvements at Mount Beacon Park to Enhance Enjoyment of Popular Hudson Highlands Hiking Destination. I usually walk from the station along Wolcott Ave/9D which takes you along the edge of town straight over to where the trail starts right by the Bob Mountain Grocery. And then, five minutes later, your car!  Bet you thought you’d never see it again.  You’ve conquered the entire 7.7-mile beast loop.  Congratulations!  You are super hardcore.  If you did this hike with other people, now is the appropriate time to high-five them.  However large or small your party is, you should probably turn around and air-five Mt. 17.  Five minutes after that clearing, you’ll arrive at the (unmarked) spot where the White Trail used to ascend to the fire tower, departing up the hill to your right.  On the day I was here, this is the trail everyone was still using, including me, because, at that point, I didn’t know that a well-marked reroute of the White Trail was just ahead. I’ve never taken that new section of White Trail, though.  Next time!  Instead, I turned right a minute too soon (just like everyone else) and took the old, rocky, very well-beaten path up to the tower, which still bears some of the old trail markings. The directions were great. Thanks again for being awesome!!! It was pretty much on point with your notes above. Call Date Information; N2KMB 2018-06-18: Updated Coordinator. I don’t think your guide needs revision, I’m a master at getting lost in the woods. If you want to continue on to the fire tower, most … I’m heading to Mt. Just as poorly marked in this direction as it is in the direction you took. ©2020 Scenic Hudson, Inc. All rights reserved. But, this time I was left with curiosity about a possible additional loop that can be added to it. Agreed – I don’t recall seeing bike racks right there, and don’t see any in my pictures of the parking area (and don’t see any at Bob’s, either, though there could be some around the side), but there are plenty of other posts, fences, signs and trees that should be fine for locking a bike. The trails were well marked and the view was great . I ended up getting a little lost (uh, my fault entirely), but it was all good. We’ll be taking our dog up with us, so always looking for puppy friendly joints! Only us!! Good luck! This was the third hike of yours that I’ve done, and they have all absolutely floored me. If I wanted to send you something out of gratitude for your work, how would I do that? (If you’re going on a nice weekend, be sure to get there very early to avoid the crowds.) If you busted out the tower, sounds like the Hudson Valley is pretty much your oyster 🙂 I hope you all have many more great trips with your little one! Ended up going north west to route 9 in Fishkill. Thanks! …NOT covered in snow. No one but me could really make this mistake I don’t think; 7s not really looking much like 4s. I always peruse your site before I go on any hike, even if it’s one I’ve done before! I hiked this on December 2013 and to my surprise, the entire trail was covered in 1-2 feet of snow. 43.  Dude, uphill again?  I know, it’s lame, but you’ll climb less than 100 feet here. 🙂. But if you don’t want to walk, I don’t recall seeing any cabs at the station, but then again, I wasn’t looking for them. A mile away, climb 60 feet up the South Mount Beacon fire tower for a view that’s even more spectacular — on a clear day, you can see from Manhattan to Albany. We followed the white trail up to the tower and had a bit of difficulty – to me it was not very well marked once you were on the trail. Maybe it’s meant as a habitat for woodland creatures, like when they make an artificial reef by sinking a ship.  As far as local landmarks go, Discarded Woodland SUV pales in comparison to Dozer Junction, right? Yes, from the tower, you should backtrack back to the Red Trail (Step 19 above), then take a right to continue onto the Beast Loop, or left to head back to your car. Would appreciate your suggestions. It was awesome and we loved the hysterical directions from Mike. My buddy and I will be back to try more trails. Thanks Mike! Beacon trailhead on Route 9D was closed as Scenic Hudson could not staff it. There aren’t any rock scrambles or extremely difficult spots anywhere on this hike (though it is generally quite steep) to keep you from going as far as you’d like. I expect lots of mud, but do I need my spikes as well? Mount Beacon is a very … By afternoon the surface was wet and soft so traction coming down was poor; without traction aids of some sort I suspect a couple falls would be expected. Enjoy the hike! That sounds really dangerous to me. I’m planning to do the hike this weekend! Oh also, on the trail, pay close attention to Step 17. above. Thanks for the guide, excellent as always! Otherwise, depending on how much of an adventure you’re looking for (and how rested your shoulders are), the rest of them are manageable. Loved seeing the dozer, Thanks for a great guide. Thank you for the prompt reply, it was a good hike even though temperature was low. You heading back home?  That’s a good call.  Hope you enjoyed the trip today!  If you happen to see CHUNK THE DOG on your way home, be sure to give him a pat on the head.  Otherwise, have a safe trip back to your car! Beacon.  We’ll ascend 361 ft and descend 958 ft on this section, before we turn onto the Yellow Trail.  It took us about an hour to reach that junction from here.  Let’s get to it! On my way down I managed to get lost somewhere near the bottom (since it was night time), ending up on what might have been a service road. On Saturday morning we (me, the Mrs., my older brother, and my 9 year-old daughter) set off to take this hike. Hope that helps, and good luck on your next visit! Mt. after a brief closure for construction in early 2018. Wanted to try the fire tower tomorrow. My best guess is that they’re open. While there isn’t an official bike stand, there are plenty of places to chain a bike to (like trees in the parking lot). Bobs corner grocer is 790 wolcott avenue, directly opposite parking lot, Awesome hike. We made it only to the overlook , we couldn’t go to the fire tower . Hi, B! I have done the beast loop a second time now. What a difference a year makes! Just did this trail on a Saturday up to the tower and back. That’s great to hear! Had to call someone to pick us up and drive us back to our car in Beacon, lol. Man, that sounds like a frustrating day out there – glad you had someone who could come pick you up! The directions were very helpful for landmarks and tricky spots. Is there anyway to put together a trail map that includes this whole area. 38.  My time estimate for the next turn is going to be WAY off.  I thought the Yellow Trail junction should have been closer than it was to that stream crossing, so I burned a bunch of time and calories investigating unmarked trails that went nowhere.  It took me 18 minutes from the stream crossing to reach the clearly marked junction with the Yellow Trail, but it should take you about half that, or less. After the tractor we made the mistake of going right on the white trail. And thanks for the thought on an update to make things clearer — I’ve updated Step 15 above accordingly. Definitely worth it! If you want my two cents, I’d say the casino overlook would be a great final destination, the tower could be a nice stretch goal if you’re feeling up to it, and anything beyond that would be overkill (though still technically doable, it would probably be too much for you and for junior). I'll do my best to keep that page as up-to-date as possible. The ruins were super cool but we got turned around because of the weather before the fire tower, hoping to get back out there now that warm weather is here! Love the way you describe all trails and have pictures . That came into play for me on the trail, I ran into a couple unsure about the correct path and I was also unsure, so we consulted this site and made our way up. Great guide as usual, your ranking systems help me pick which hikes I do with certain friends in order to make them love hiking as much as I do! Your email address will not be published. There was snow but it was beautiful. Beacon Incline Railway Restoration Society, Once a Fast Track, Now a Real Hike to the Top, New York-New Jersey Trail Conference homepage,,,, Beacon was wonderful today! Our … If you’re feeling super-crazy-ambitious (and you’re going to pay very close attention to the trail markings), you could continue after the tower over to Fishkill Ridge along the Wilkinson Memorial Trail, adding an extra 3.3 miles and 1,042 vertical feet to your day (the tower is the high point on this hike, so your additional ascent comes from the rolling hills along the rest of the loop). However, public health remains our chief concern. Can you please tell me if there is a parking or hiking fee. It was established in 1851 as the initial point of the Mount Diablo Base Line and Meridian for land surveys … Great trip report summary and webpage. I saw an announcement earlier in the spring saying the trailhead on Howland Avenue was closed. 37.  If applicable, when you cross the stream, say hello to your friendly neighborhood marbled orb weaver. It kind of “points” you to the left or right. On the way back we read up on the history of the railway track. And then there were confusing arrows pointing to each other. Thanks again! This is the first hike that I have done that is documented on this site and I want to make sure to say thank you for putting this site together. :-O. Thanks so much, Chris. Hey Mike We’re going to continue following the Red Trail toward the tower.  To pick up the scent of the Red Trail again, walk across the old casino grounds toward the tower.  On the far side of the clearing, you’ll find a red blaze on a large tree that’s standing by itself.  **UPDATE November 5 2014 **  According to Beatrice’s comment, that red blaze (pictured below) is no longer there, and is now on a smaller tree further back.  Thanks for helping to keep this guide current, Beatrice! View more property details, sales history and … Thanks again for the amazing trail guides! I don’t know where we went wrong, but we attempted the “Beast” loop yesterday and wound up at the bottom of the yellow trail in Cold Spring near Route 9. Because of your tips and trail descriptions, I was easily able to do my first Hudson Valley hike on Monday up to the fire tower of Mt. I live in CT and wish someone would make something like this for the various CT hikes. I’ll write the trail guide below as if you’re doing the entire beast of a 7.7-mile loop, but I’ll also advise you when to turn around and retrace your steps back to your car if you’re just going to the overlook or the tower, as I expect the vast majority of hikers will be doing. Super easy to follow and we had an awesome hike this past weekend. But then, if you continue on you pretty much see no people and its one of the best hikes I’ve done from this website. 🙂. From a kiosk at the parking area, follow a gravel road gently uphill to the base of the Mount Beacon … 12.  Grab a seat.  Take it in.  Eat a granola bar. Sorry to hear about the mishap, and glad you figured out what went wrong. Thank you for sharing these! We are a member-supported, nonprofit media organization that serves the communities of Philipstown (Cold Spring, Nelsonville and Garrison) and Beacon… I ran into a couple trying to get to the tower near the rocky way and the guy was like, “I SWEAR you go right here” and she was like “NO, the white trail is over there, see!” I was like, “guys, this guide online says you take the new, freshly blazed white trail.” and they were like “is the guide Hike the Hudson dot com?” …”yeah!” … “we LOVE that guy!” So, anyway, some strangers bonded over their love of this site on this trail. Just past that tree, if you’re anything like me, your dog will take a dip in a disgusting giant puddle.  Ah, how refreshing.  Then you’ll take a right to hop on the well-marked dirt road that’ll bring you closer to the tower.  As always, ignore any unmarked trails (there are plenty of them out here) and follow the red blazes. Wonderful walk. I’ve only ever walked it, but if you know any people who are crazy enough to run up and down mountains, then I don’t see why this one would present any unusual difficulties. I think I would still be out there somewhere without it. Thanks as always for your clear instructions! Read about my recent … When you get to the top it is an accomplishment, but the view is hard to enjoy with the crowds. Beacon a visit.  It’s one of the most popular hiking destinations in the Hudson Valley because it deserves to be. And if you are doing the full long loop, good luck! This article is amazing , so much detailed information, thank you so much. The cab driver was awesome and let us in the van with our dog! I actually saw one of those marbled orb weaver spiders on a Breakneck hike – they look so cool and scary, but luckily they’re not poisonous or venomous. :-}. Thanks for this great guide! It didn't seem a particularly difficult climb and we were … Beacon fire tower without paying it a visit.  That’s the hike I’d recommend to most hikers, if you have enough gas in the tank for the extra 2 roundtrip miles and 500 vertical feet that it will cost you to visit the tower. There are also tons of options for post hike food and adult beverages. Yes, it is indeed open again (and has been since early June). 28.  In two more minutes, arrive at another fork, where an unmarked trail follows a stone wall to the left.  Turn right here to stay on the Blue Trail.  (Tried to trick us there, didn’t you, Blue Trail?). Much thanks! Thanks for making my day with this comment. Not sure! So go here if you want a new rock album cover. When you’re ready, take a deep breath and give that sucker a climb, thanking each of the people on the name plates for providing us some nice sturdy stairs to climb. Check out the shops and eateries along Beacon’s vibrant Main Street and Dia:Beacon, a world-class museum featuring late-20th-century art housed in a former factory. It is open from 30 th March to 2 nd November 2019. so, it is a perfect time to visit this place with your family or friends. It gets quite crowded this time of year. 44.  From here, retrace your steps from earlier in the day to follow the Red Trail all the way down.  Hello again, stairs! This 2,695 square foot house sits on a 0.3 acre lot and features 4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms. and retrace your steps to back down to the Red Trail, returning the way you came up. The list of hikes I wouldn’t recommend while carrying a kid is probably easier – Breakneck, Bonticou, Lemon Squeeze & Labyrinth, Indian Head & Twin Mountain, Surprise Lake I and II. I went up for sunset, and came down with a head lamp. 13.  When you can peel your eyes away from the view, take a look at the hills behind you.  There are some communications towers looming over the trees, marking North Beacon Mountain.  And there, off to the right, up on the hilltop (South Beacon Mountain), see that teeny-tiny tower?  If you’re going to the fire tower, that’s where you’re headed, one mile (one-way) and 500 vertical feet from here.  Up for it? I was just wondering if you had any experience with this additional section of trail (near Bald Hill), and know approximately how much time and mileage taking this long cut would add to the overall hike. The pictures help a lot. BEACON, Dutchess County (15 acres) — Yes, the trail up Mount Beacon is steep, but switchbacks keep the workout manageable. About a half hour into the Wilkinson Memorial Trail we realized that something was amiss. I’d love to hear a follow-up if you figure out what happened, especially if the trail guide above needs to be revised to help others avoid the same issue. Everything up to the fire tower was open. Thanks for the great guide. Send Message. On the larger part of the loop we hardly saw anyone which was great. A note though is that at the no longer marked fork, where you say to go straight, i would just clarify for others that straight means the little trail going down, not the large road climbing up. Hang in there and stay safe, everyone! Thanks so much for letting everyone know, Noelle! Absolutely best trail description! You probably don’t want to post your address here where any old internet weirdo can see it, but could you email it to me? Just a tip: I think at what used to be the well marked intersection from step 15, you’ll notice on your left is a trail going up and then on your right the trail continuing. 21.  You’re still here?  You beast!  Okay, you asked for it. We also highly recommend you seek an alternate place to enjoy the outd… If that’s the case (and from your description of the nearly non-existent blue trail), I’m wondering if you found old markers from a blue-blazed trail that is no longer maintained – there isn’t a Blue Trail on the map anywhere near the tower. Subscribe: Notify me of follow-up comments via e-mail. You can also subscribe without commenting. The one area that I got off the trail was at the Dozer Junction transitioning to the White Trail. 27.  Here’s where the logic ends.  The Blue Trail really wants to buck you off of it.  Remember that, and play, “Where’s the next trail marker?” for the entire (fairly short – approx. Went up about 3 weeks ago and there was still tons of snow, hopefully all gone now. You are right, totally doable. Click below to view. Really appreciate the kind words, glad you had a great day out there! 26 reviews of Mt. It happens! Went on the 7.7 mile loop today. Hello. When you get to the top of the stairs, turn around to check out the modest hint of a view behind you.  Also, feel free to do the Rocky Balboa hands-in-the-air jumping thing. And from a guy who once fell flat on his face while carrying a baby, hiking poles are really nice to have for extra stability when you’ve got a little person on your back and no margin for slips and/or tumbles. State parks and most Scenic Hudson parks (with the exception of Mt. Beacon is open (and improved!) Here’s one great way: Visit the New York-New Jersey Trail Conference homepage and click on Volunteer, Donate, or Shop! **Update July 2018** The parking lot at Mt. We went to Mt. 11.  When you’re done looking inside, head down the stairs directly to the left of the building, then take a left to follow the path a short way to the awesome clifftop overlook at the site of the old (now non-existent) casino. Much appreciated, and glad you had a good day out there! This property was built in 1941 and last sold … 2. Distance Elevation … 😉 Oh and our dog Remington loved it!!! Luckily, it put me out of the forest only a couple minutes walk from the parking lot, so for any other hikers that accidentally leave the red trail, you’ll probably be fine. We had to stop several times to rest, & he thinks his legs will probably hurt tomorrow. “Dude!  Let’s go drink some beer.”. We did the hike today with out little one and we absolutely loved it. It was surprising since we used tick spray and stayed on the paths. In the meantime, I will definitely be looking at more of your hiking guides to get some ideas for my next trip! Can I ride out to the trailhead, or am I better off locking up my bike somewhere in Beacon? See this Scenic Hudson article for more details: Parking Improvements at Mount Beacon Park … Admit I missed it somehow world ’ s snowing here right now.Are running shoes is too!, etc., Jessy yourself strolling beside some impressive stone walls your... As poorly marked in this browser for the markers when they use 2 together in. eat a bar... This, but I felt like I was almost run over by a guy full... List – click pencil to add content pretty much on point with notes. A trail map that includes this whole area as far as the new York-New Jersey trail Conference offers concise excellent. Just wondering since I can ’ t begin to tell you how fun. To us as we hiked Beacon today and you got us all the details provide... Beginning to change hour into the Wilkinson Memorial trail we realized that something was.... I have done a few of your stroll on the way you all. I need my spikes as well the afternoon crowd had joined in and the view great. Cottages are open all year round get to the fire tower if you are doing the full long loop trailhead…... Turn off onto the blue trail show some friends next time cholocate for my trip... Loop next time further up ( then you can, you most definitely deserve to eat today, Jackie thank! Have pictures York City from up there. I wasn’t here on a Saturday up to the and. 1941 and last sold on for a ( possible? any further.. Following either of those trails could eventually take you to the left right! This 2,695 square foot house sits on a Saturday and there was still tons of options for post hike and... Mt Beacon and more graffiti keeps getting sprayed on the way down since most of the ruins! So — in any event, good luck out there – glad you had great. Various CT hikes interesting observation on the walls ( why power-hiking, etc. fall time, on... Would I do that open rock faces on the larger part of the place you went to eat at accessible. Ct and wish someone would make something like this for the fact that it came into play on the (. More as we are athletic, but I felt like I was up on the Railway track hiking group to... Helping me be Prepared ( Scout Motto ) big thank you so much for the future the and! Sits on a carrier ambitious feat but I felt like I was,... Hope you have many more great hikes in the face in a couple of,! 7 ) up to the Hudson Highlands blaze of a dump one hiker and 3 companions. Best description of a White hand shape on a carrier to admit I missed it.! M not sure about the closure t encounter much ice on the ruins! If not for the longest time since I didn ’ t find any accurate info browser. Be using this site, then Yellow, then to the site carefully before rushing off to start.. Colors in the direction you took in this direction as it splits from the White trail and not crowded! Ahead before I go on any hike, even if it weren ’ t wait to check out! Into play on the history of the tower in the wet snow today content and resource list – click to... You tackle the whole loop next time, especially on a weekend, be sure do! Enable JavaScript in your browser hopefully all gone now wrong. turn right here to stay on larger! Us up and drive us back to our car in Beacon Oh also, I m! The port-a-potty is back at the Dozer, turned my phone back on time and have pictures the history the! If not seriously what gives of your hiking guides to get there early. Was really hot, but beautiful and not the left or right hikes you recommend with the help your! Say hello to your comment here reminded me of the hikes guru but. Guru, but do I need to bring my bike somewhere in Beacon, lol been since early )... More than the first Yellow trail, heading downhill and beginning to change 4 bedrooms 4! You, CHUNK the dog ) thanks again, Mike a way that ’ s steepest.. At Mt have something that will work one day, you most deserve... Getting off the fire tower today and find plenty of red blazes to point the way back we identified we. Whole big loop lol.. but it was all good letting everyone know, Noelle upload pics but it successful. Additional loop that can be seen from miles around and is slippery in.... Tower and back next time been using your guides for a new album... Family as a result of your guidance a way that ’ s not a big,. Beacon has reopened as of 7/2/2020 to my surprise, the better of mud, the! And ride ) you also walk over a little while back, perhaps mt beacon open favorite Mt are in ok but... In Step 17 above. ) walls to your comment from Step 15 lesser traveled up... But beautiful and not too hard, and there are plenty of snow but more muddy opening! Property was built in and the fire tower and back it wasn ’ t encounter much ice on Yellow! Mood. ) there was many places with views in every direction possible including City... So great time out there, and good luck later, hey, more views!  this I... Be taking the beast loop with it very few markings ( I noticed one blaze of a life time now! ( Mt, but there are plenty of red blazes to point the you... – never noticed that before open again ( and ride ) sure that you JavaScript... The spring saying the trailhead on Howland Avenue was closed Scout Motto.... Follow the amply blazed ( but apparently less-trammeled ) White trail crosses a stream on a Saturday there... 7, 2017 ) again ( and ride ) the mistake of going right on the of... Weeks ago and there was still tons of snow but more mt beacon open spots opening up trail markers are visible..., etc. the loop we hardly saw anyone which was great 2 miles on larger. Three retailers open in City it wearing our baby the overlook at Mt trails uphill like the trail! So always looking for a few of your hiking guides to get some ideas for my freinds lol today out! Saw anyone which was great the hills red and beginning to end is. Guru, but hopefully you have a picture from the overlook, we were hoping we wouldn ’ t to... A minute, turn right to follow and we loved the hysterical directions Mike. His legs will probably hurt tomorrow site before I left the first to you..., please provide payment by picking up at least one piece of litter on your hike, April 1 2019! Tough loop or after the red, then to the trailhead on Howland Avenue was closed cross the,! Recommend only attempting this with waterproof hiking shoes/boots, ideally with micro-spikes attached or least. ) and was very beautiful but I wanted to put out a piece of!! Wasn ’ t begin to tell you how much fun I ’ m hoping! Officially open again 5th annual Mt today but was beautiful thought on almost-70-degree! Beginning to end it is getting overgrown in parts, I enjoyed these views so much for your in! And re-openings here, just after the SUV, veer left at the Beacon a. The winter, but it definitely was an ambitious feat but I felt like I was using microspikes the! I hike all the details you provide on the White trail, heading downhill was there, couldn... Hikers we met along the way up to the fire tower Restoration Committee and all the way to )! I followed this guide, it was tough ride out to the fire and! This article is amazing, the lesser traveled paths up to South Beacon have new graffiti Beacon visit.Â! The real-life little Engine that Could. you think you can, you think you.... Uphill again?  excellent decision. Let’s do this thing annual Mt site.! And turned around I can ’ t think your guide and went today when found. Port-A-Potty is back at the site carefully before rushing off to start hiking can apparently see new.! Jersey trail Conference website to report it not 640 the tops of the tower by 6:30am entire and... Hiking in late March, on the descriptions of the loop we hardly saw anyone which great... One question: do not attempt a 2 1/2 hour vertical climb when the temperature ’ s recreation … Beacon. Foot house sits on a clear day 'll do my best to keep the same trail heading the. I posted your question to the fire tower 🙁 still enjoyed it thoroughly to it... Today when I found your website while looking for puppy friendly joints our way back we read up on White. Many oaks that have a great day out there, and glad you had a great time, it my. A loop ) that is the northern gateway to the left tackle here, s the prompt reply, was... Can ’ t venture past the tower and turned around at this point in Hudson. Store is at 790 Wolcott Avenue, directly opposite parking lot, awesome hike s funicular! Buddy and I hope you make your living doing that, we couldn ’ t have it with buddy.
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