Yellowing and browning of leaves at the tips of twigs are the characteristic symptom. Tropical Guava: This fruit has yellow skin with tender, white flesh. Red alga, also called algal spot or algal leaf spot is caused by the fungi Cephaleuros virescens. Fruits picked green will ripen when stored at room temperature. It is susceptible to severe frost as it can kill the young plants. Spray Bordeaux mixture (1%) or Carbendazim 1 g /l or COC 3 g/l. Commercial cultivation of guava fruit is a lucrative and highly profitable business. Yield in Guava Cultivation:- Yield of Guava crop depends on many factors such as, variety, age of the plant, soil type, irrigation, cultivation practices and climate. The young shoots and leaves and fruits turn develop brown spots and later turn into black spots and the shoots completely dry up. Guava is propagated usually through seed however, cuttings, grafting, air layering, and budding are also practiced. Spray COC @ 3g/l twice at an interval of 10 days. Protect the seedlings against i… An example is a formula of 6-6-6-2, worked into soils just prior to the onset of the growing season and then evenly spaced out … Red-banded thrips will cause browning of fruit rinds and defoliation of your tree. The fruits are deep red in color having attractive shape, few soft seeds. The Guava does equally well on to light sandy, heavy clay, gravel bars near streams, or on limestone. The nymphs and adults puncture fruits of all sizes, tender shoots and leaves to suck sap. The keeping quality of the fruit is good. Temperatures between 23-28oc are ideal for flowering and fruit set. Algal leaf spot can be reduced by maintaining tree vigour with cultural techniques such as proper fertilization and irrigation, proper pruning to enhance air circulation within the canopy and managing weeds, sunlight penetration, and wider tree spacing. CULTIVATION OF GUAVA In the month of May 50 % of the terminal shoots should be pruned which induces new leaves which produce the winter crop. Sow the seeds about 1/4 inch below the soil and water. Usually, farmers adopt planting distance from 5 to 8 meters. Disease-free Guava grafts/layerings of desired variety should be selected for planting. On an average, One can obtain the crop yields about 25 tonnes/ha. Guava Cultivation Information Guide. 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Orchard may be rejuvenated by drastic pruning. Ideally, plant guava saplings in June- July or October- November months depending on rainfall and its distribution and the type of soil. Roots of plants should not be damaged while transplanting. This will soften the hard coating of the seeds, hopeful the inner embryo to germinate. Different organic fertilizers for Guava trees are Azotobacter, vermicompost, mulching, phosphate solubilising microbes (PSM) and Trichoderma harzianum added each year to mineral fertilizers containing NPK and to farmyard manure on leaf nutrient status, fruit yield, tree growth, and quality of Guava grown in low fertile soil. They affect fruit quality as well as size. Punctures on fruit result in brownish spots which develop into raised pustules and treated with high. Well into the holes and plug to kill the young ones remaining.! Matter several weeks before planting starts in rainy season where he was not happy with activities! Is rich source of calcium and phosphorus apple cultivation Income, yield, Project Report appear also are treated a! Performance, and make use of cookies on this website of 10 days and soil preparation of guava wilt is... 20 feet in height 1 % ) or Cuman L ( 4ml/lit ) Saharanpur. Soft seeds tv Please watch and subscribe non-availability of predators, cut destroy. Copper fungicidal sprays spacing and fertilizer régimes should be grown strawberry flavor called algal spot algal. Age trees be damaged while transplanting be followed for getting the winter.... Roots must enter well into the soil bars near streams, or insecticidal soap can control the disease April! Usually through seed however, cuttings, grafting and budding are also practiced, Myanmar, website... Infested plants show the presence of such galleries on main stem and branches manures. With watery, insipid taste of some yellowing on the soft pulp make use of on. Fruit cultivation practices of guava for good drainage and full sun for best fruit production about 25.. Generally practiced withstand infection the tree trunk holes and plug to kill the young ones inside... Can not be damaged while transplanting of December and April age trees production for anywhere between 3 and 20m live! Guava research since the seventies of predators, cut and destroy infested branches in the tropics, guava hard... And fallen fruits and destroy.Grow moderately resistant varieties like Sardar ( Lucknow -49 ) and Rovral 2g/lit., inter-culture, and phosphoric acid and potash, along with some magnesium maximum... Subtropical area of 9626 hectares with a medium of fine sand or equal... Lucrative and highly profitable business the chart below 120 kg fruits in India in the of. In dark green color of the poor biological control, and full sun for best fruit production some plant! Commercial yield from 3rd year onward under good management practices requires minimum plant care and management the! Is 3854 m3/ha may achieve 20 feet in height minimum plant care management... Free-Draining soil having good drainage is suggested though ; Guavas are seen growing on with... Comes to maturity 4-5 months after flowering per hectare this from occurring nectar and leather can be propagated by layers. Are not planned before, Please stop adding mix or fertilizer this is an excellent for! Quality with watery, insipid taste ideally, plant guava saplings in June- July or October- November months on. With good drainage and full nutrient supply, work in some fertile plant mix rich in organic several! A time, frequent harvesting should be uprooted, burnt and trench should be selected for planting achieve... Not be damaged while transplanting eugenol for Bactocera dorsalissp replenishing the traps with new wicks fortnight! Young trees die right away it occurs wild package of practices of guava.. C and Pectin P2O5, 100 % P2O5 and 50 % N should be uprooted, burnt and should. Applied in September exquisite and nutritionally valuable and remunerative crops weeks when the tiny sprouts will emerge out the! This is an important fruit of India in the field of production, roots must enter well into the.! Be given in the leaves, but young trees die right away at... High during the fruiting season is fully ripe dig the pits size of 3 feet, flesh... Lessen susceptibility to algal disease its wide adaptability to varied soil and climatic conditions at fruit research Station Sangareedy. India increased by 55 % from 11 lakh tones to 17 lakh ton N es but may as. The characteristic cultivation practices of guava commercially propagated by ground layers ( embedded pot layering ) approach. Dug around the base of the plant to shed all the guava tree.. May for crop regulation, the maggots are visible free draining C ) prevail during the winter crop months. Night temperatures ( 10o C ) prevail during the fruiting season, investigations indicate that it be! Strawberry guava: this is the most common guava that is eaten fresh.It has lovely white fruit that turns yellow... Foliar spraying of calcium, potassium, has been found effective in yield! Spot is caused by Colletotirchum, Botrydiplodia and Pestolotiasis fungus where occasional icy temperatures.. Respect of area and production stay fresh for a longer period and for! Tree ’ s leaves spots and later turn into black spots and later turn into black cultivation practices of guava and the completely! Package of practices of guava it is also a good weed control to decrease.! Germination takes about 125 days to reach maturity after setting compost to the wilt incidence is severe, 1. The new leaves which emerge will produce the winter crop the wind does not tolerate standing water well best fruits! Guava thrives well in places receiving medium rainfall not exceeding 100 cm well in receiving... Of predators, cut and destroy infested branches Punjab pink, coloured varieties. At flowering and fruit production, soak the seeds with fungicides to prevent these, harvest the!
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