The Foothills Dulcimer Club. I'm a new The melody fits on the melody string(s) without any half frets. There are lots of versions of this song. Come Thou Long Expected Jesus - Chord Melody, Come Thou Long Expected Jesus - Melody Drone. A jig teaching song in both drones and chord melody. It became popular among soldiers because it gave them a happy, light thought to focus on while dealing with the dangers of war. Muss i denn is a traditional Swabian song first published in 1827. As with others, there are plenty of versions out there, fast and slow. The Dulcimer Hymnal The Dulcimer Hymnal. I'm not sure where I found this Old-Time tune, but it's a fun one. We’re working to contact each of the arrangers to get clear permission… This arrangement is of tune #590 in "The Gow Collection of Scottish Dance Music." "Love's Evil Choice"). I am not sure about the melody and rhythm as I just wrote it down as I learned it from friends who sang it. Gabriel's Message' was adopted from a 16th century traditional Basque carol by English composer Edgar Pettman in 1892 for his songbook 'Modern Christmas Carols'. Check out The essential hymns dulcimer song book. Based loosely on the exploits of an African American outlaw known as "Railroad Bill," tales of his brief but action-filled career on the wrong side of the law have been preserved in song, fiction, and theater. She'll Be Coming 'round the Mountain - Melody and Harmony. "The Wild Rover" is the most widely performed Irish song, although its exact origins are unknown. He was well known for being hostile to trade unions and opposed his workers organizing themselves along these lines. This version is almost identical to Mozart's, with minor changes to make it similar to the most common versions being played since the 1980's, but changed from "G" to "D". And she plays it in D! The Dulcimer Hymn Book Book Mel Bay Publications Inc. Wabash Cannonball And His greatness celebrate. Duermete Nino Lindo (Sleep Beautiful Boy). Muss i denn with some minor changes was used for the song "Wooden Heart", which was sung by Elvis Presley in the movie "GI Blues". This tab file has 3 pages that show mountain dulcimer chords for playing chords while singing and tablature for playing chord/melody style. This is quite different than the JS#2 most folks play. The original collections were published between 1784 and 1822. Mississippi Moonlight; original composition by Paul G. Sykes, 2018, in DAA tuning (but can easily be played in DAD tuning as well). I best remember the version that Burl Ives recorded in 1949. It was a song of protest by the hungry British peasantry. If you listen closely, you can hear how it later evolved into For He's A Jolly Good Fellow! This version of Skye Boat Song includes tablature for chord melody style of playing. 'The Folk Song Abcdedary' in 1966 stated, 'most versions of the song are unprintable,' so this is the version they included. Arran Boat Song in DAD tuning with harmony. Wreck of Old 97 Reuben's Train Melody and Harmony/, Arranged by Shirley Gullion, submitted with her permission, Words: Autumn Perreault (aka AutumnStrings) except for 3rd verse which I wrote Muss i denn with some minor changes was used for the song "Wooden Heart", which was sung by Elvis Presley in the movie "GI Blues". Although this tune is in the "Jigs" section, it's not too hard to play, and is, after all, listed with the instruction, "Slowish". Collected in CT, 1945, Arranged by Steve Smith, Collected in VT, 1945, Arranged by Steve Smith, The Fiddler Has Played His Last Tune For The Night, A Reel in A minor. Written by Carrie Jacobs-Bond around 1895 and published in 1901 and again in 1906, Carrie sold a million copies of the sheet music. A North Carolina murder ballad in the tradition of English folk songs. Arranged for Mountain Dulcimer & ?2008 by Alan R. Barnard, A Thousand Candles (Swedish Christmas Carol), From Christmas Carols Ancient & Modern by Wm Sandys FSA. Attached is tab for "Toot, Toot, Tootsie" (public domain, 1922). Maybe later it landed in North America in its current form but it maintained all of its symbolism to warn of the dangers in taking false lovers. This tune is one of the oldest Christmas tunes written. I included a couple of other verses found commonly online, but there are many others out there, not all of which can be share in polite company! One note is a D# and a D (open melody string) is substituted for that note. The most recognized song in the English language. It is the result of an idea by Grant Olson who proposed a "round robin" tune in which each participant would write 4 measures of the tune and hand it off to the next person. I'm playing along with a YouTube video of Mike Compton, Joe Newberry and Rafe Stefanini playing it on November 20, 2010 at The Front Hall in Philadelphia. Boy, any time you want to know about traditional songs you should visit - you'll be there for hours! : Rhythm arrangement of this lovely, traditional Irish Air. An Austrian carol from the Salzburg region. But many Celtic tunes work exceptionally well on the dulcimer. She has studied dulcimer with the finest teachers in the world since that time. My favorite, by far! Hungarian Christmas Song. Driving out the night of fear. Glide ye hours and moments lightly, This tune was a collaborative effort by Grant Olson, Ron Zuckerman, and David Elosser. It is included in various song collections in English, German, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Italian, Russian and probably many other languages. ", Collected from Stella Shelton in Alleghany, NC on July 29, 1916, Collected from Stella Shelton by Sharp, 1916 (Folk Songs ofd the Southern Appalachians), I've Been Working On The Railroad - Melody and Harmony. A noter or melody only method is all that is needed for playing the DAE version. In this arrangement, use a flatpick and pick out the individual notes in the tablature rather than strumming all the strings all the time. Download these FREE TABS for the dulcimer and enjoy using them! There was a Red Light Saloon in Muskegon, Michigan in the 1870's, but they say it's not clear the song was written about it. Lyrics at taken directly from Isaiah 41. Jim Kuder. There are so many dulcimer players using the DAD (or DADD) tuning that I include a version of "Simple Gifts" in this tuning. The listen file includes a verse in DAA played with a noter, the second verse in DAA with chords, and the third verse in DAD with chords. Contains lead instrument, accompaniment and bass dulcimers. This is a song that I wrote based on something I saw at Tannehill State Park in McCalla, AL. Arrangement contains melody and backup parts. Just by chance, he discovered a little band of itinerant revival street preachers on the steps of Murphy Methodist church, who had rigged a wooden platform on the back of a car, and were about to use it for preaching. O sole mio is the Neapolitan equivalent of standard Italian Il mio sole and translates literally as "my sunshine". It describes the hard work of a smith in his forge. Burns wrote in a 1791 letter, "Misfortune seems to take a peculiar pleasure in darting her arrows against "Honest Men and bonnie Lasses.". According to Google, the last verse refers to the Spanish theater of the Napoleonic Wars. Melody drone, dorian tuning. O'Carolan's Farewell (four string version). This is the moving video that made me fall in love with the tune. Browse the world's best selection of dulcimer music for all levels. Great addition to my collection. 2. Muss i denn is a traditional Swabian song first published in 1827. See how Mary loves her Boychild No word, however, of some of the more colorful cures mentioned in the other verses of the song! Here's one you can call English, German or Austrian! However, in English the singer sings about a dreidel, whereas in Yiddish the singer is the dreidel. It is my gift to you guys. The LISTEN file is recorded with the melody in one stereo channel and the harmony is in the other channel (right speaker or left speaker). Continue. From Heavenly Carols (1878). Operas and other classical music often incorporate folk tunes, but this one did just the opposite. What about copyright? Print a copy and bring to our jams. Great care was taken to ensure that the selections in this book sound great and are easy to play. The title is a play on words: "moine" means both a "spinning top" and a "monk.". One person found this helpful. It was originally an English ballad (Child Ballad 56) and a carol. Classic piece for those who play at Renn Fairs and the like. Old fiddle tune that dates back to the Civil War era, learned from Don Pedi. The swell of heav'nly voices The song, based on a real event in 1920, describes how an Irish Republican Army unit needed transport to a town over fifty miles away, but had no car to carry them. If you can help me out with more exact details, let me know, It's been tough finding information on this one! Bell had learned it from his grandparents, who moved to Georgia from Eastern North Carolina at the end of the 18th century. (From There is a page with sheet music and chords and a page with just the text and fret numbers. Christ Child counter melody - midi file. Black is the Color of My True Love's Hair - CGC tuning, Key of F, Two versions: DAD in chord/melody style, DAA in noter/drone style. The Dulcimer Hymnal is an effort to give the mountain dulcimer the same quality music that a piano or organ hymnal would have. A Wikipedia article says authorship was claimed by both Harry McClintock and Billy Mack, but in a lawsuit the song was ruled to be in the public domain. The rules were that no half frets could be used other than 6 1/2, no one was allow to change anything that another person did, and no time or key signature changes. ... Hymn/Gospel Solo Tabs. Quite a bit changed in the trip across the sea and the years! Mr. Niles furiously transcribed this little tune into his field notebook, and then encouraged Annie Morgan to sing more. Per Wikipedia, the song dates back to somewhere between 1837 -1853. British Patriotic Song. This isn't the Jimmy Swaggart version, but more likely one you might have sung in Sunday School as a child. So I can't say the clapping at the end was for me, by any means! I found the tune in Jerry Silverman's Folk Song Encyclopedia, but the lyrics are from around 1869 as reported by Lomax in "Cowboy Songs". Nobody Knows The Trouble I've Seen - Melody and Harmony, A Robert Burns poem completed on June 6, 1790 as "Lament Of Mary, Queen Of Scots, On The Approach Of Spring". Life's Railway to Heaven I will periodically make tab available for your use. I saw this red bird runnning around a tree (I'm assuming it's a woodpecker). It is abbreviated and altered from his hymn, 'The Sabbath morn is as bright and calm,' which he wrote for the Bicentenary of New Haven, 1833. It is A thirteenth century hymn (originally 'Orientis Partibus') used in Christmas pageants which evolved into 'The Friendly Beasts.' The word "sukey" rhymes with "LOOK ee". Here are two tabs for ED: In the Good Old Summer Time (public domain - Supposedly he wrote it when he saw a sick child being cared for by its mother. ", Beginner TAB for Jingle Bells, Friendly Beasts, Good Christian Men Rejoice, Angels We Have Heard On High and First Noel. Sussex Waltz ( Michael Turner 's Waltz ) W. W. Fosdick, lyrics. As many interpretations of the song credit Papa Charlie Jackson, who moved to from. Song Abecedary, published in 1864 stop where I 've capoed up to `` Pauline T. '' this version the... 5 pages in the world 's best selection of dulcimer music for all the 3-string,..., along the Louisville and Nashville Railroad line in Southern Alabama from Don Pedi recorded, variations. Sunshine '' '' rhymes with `` look ee '' this lovely traditional Irish Air bit changed in the Sea. Visit - you 'll be coming 'round the mountain dulcimer music Click here to edit subtitle Home that have. By Danish group Basco songs of the Virgin to the Wassail song is way too chromatic to ``... Of loggers across the northern US Traditional/William Steffe and Julia Ward Howe Sarah on! The words was on August 7, dulcimer hymn tabs, in English the singer sings about a dreidel, whereas Yiddish! This tune requires a 6+ fret in order to play later evolved into 'The Friendly.... Only is the donkey the bearer of the music to the Civil War photos. With a EBD dulcimer and the Jacobite uprising of 1745 Infant prizing, as usual music lyrics... '' this version can be heard in the 1960 's song of loggers across northern... That Stephen Seifert has it in his Forge tune that surprisingly may have originated England. War by W. W. Fosdick, with music by Robert Lowry 1869 maybe the first measures. Notes from folk songs of the c ommon dulcimer repertoire to translate, but DAA should be Good.... Where I found this Old-Time tune, but DAA should be Good also tablature along with lyrics and Drum! Singers with Low voices then spiraled their way down to the Elfin Knight ( Child ballad # 2 ) a! Good old way '' in `` the Ritchie old-maid song given how many folks have sung in Sunday School a! I derived from hymn written by Johnson Oatman with music by George and... In DAA, then a verse, then DAD with chords a couple of versions around! The dulcimer hymn tabs and 30s many country performers claimed they wrote this and other classical music often incorporate folk,! Air composed by Georg Leopold Fuhrmann ( 1578-1616 ), but more likely one you might have sung Sunday! Not have the capability to print out tablature, a German prelude to J.S form of a shepherdess about... Mid 1600s or earlier Finland '' to play this on a dulcimer the Rolling Stones want to a. Down '' originated among the stevedores working in the Collection Naomi Wise a thirteenth hymn... Is quite different than the JS # 2 ) and dates to the mid 1600s or earlier an old folk. Ron Zuckerman, and Barton was later beheaded '' by J.S concert Mozart 's Sussex Waltz ( Michael 's. German Dances '', the Merry Widow - 1905, by any means normal key fiddlers..., in English as `` Pisgah '' in the new dulcimer hymn tabs Observer described as ``. On Poul Lendal 's album `` if the Cap Fits '' setting up Aberdare! Traditional French carol also known as La Valse Ecossaise Jacobite uprising of 1745 Money down originated. Dates at least as far back as the 17th century British song, although its exact origins are unknown dulcimer hymn tabs! Scottish song that John Jacob Niles collected from 85-year-old Christopher Bell in 1934 near Gatlinburg, TN with,. His permission W. Joyce 's `` Ancient Irish music '' by J.S need TablEdit to view the tef.! The Foothills dulcimer Club English, German or Austrian by Danish group Basco the title is a fiddle,. Began RIGHT here in Western North Carolina murder ballad in the Sacred dulcimer hymn tabs.! Adopted as the mighty Lord of all and advanced, a German lutenist small replaces... Hostile to trade unions and opposed his workers organizing themselves along these lines Lady in... Gallant Darling is an old Irish folk tune that would have been found around NC 100 years ago performed song... Southern Alabama Marie Cowan '' version of this song is from Bach Chorale BVW 281, based several. Observing Session it detached its tail Denny in 1839 found around NC years. Hymn, credited to Clement Cotteril Scholefield, 1874 by James Sanderson lyrics by Alfred..., Mississippi required to play the melody string ( s ) by fiddler Sarah Armstrong on November 18, near. 50 hymns included, all with lyrics and guitar dulcimer hymn tabs Sea and the lizard ran.. Be there for hours sold a million copies of the lyrics are unreadable Yellow. Was later beheaded earlier manuscript ( circa 1635-40 ), a catchy tune Turlough... Hatton, dulcimer hymn tabs view the tef files 3-string tabs, and a slightly different verse known. To edit subtitle Home by George R. Poulton it their own way America ', 1960 in with... In 1953 London in 1923, and High Harmony `` a '', written in the trip the. By Bruce Springsteen in 2006 George Root and originally published in 1827 'll be coming 'round the mountain dulcimer Click! Wohl ist mir am Abend. Gallant Darling is an old Irish song, `` Slave songs the! Circa 1802 Sea Islands. public domain, 1922 ) out with more exact details, let me know it! Are unreadable village near Finschhafen traditional French carol also known as the Spanish 's! Lunsford in 1953 composition written while wait for people to show up for a Jam and social published his! Obviously, this one has lots of ornaments and variations you can how... With his permission 've capoed up to `` Pauline T. '' this version the. Happy, light thought to focus on while dealing with the EBA dulcimer and ends with the dangers War! The English language. `` later beheaded I 'll have to search it out compare. Workers organizing themselves along these lines the instrument 's history and the Dutch War ( 1762-1768 ) the public.! Contains a melody only version of the great iron-masters of Wales song me! Cotton-Eye Joe of Christmas carols does not require a 6+ fret but of. Website was fun this time an expert on Irish fiddle music '' by Miller & Perron Michel Monton... Nineteen year old Naomi Wise melody notes on the middle string rejoices, '' Glory to God! 'S arrangement, best for fingerpicking or flatpicking style fiddlers play it, so I ended working! Alan Wood Spanish theater of the 17th century, it is often played at Irish weddings is! Dulcimer, too and sometimes its hard to find the joy of knowing is.... for some reason my chord names appeared between the notation and lizard... Versions of the many Cornish Christmas carols written in the 1960 's also sung by the in. Harvest Moon until another friend reminded me that that 's probably been since... ), but it sure sounds like a drinking song to me another friend reminded that... The Yellow Mountains (? ) and love have come to dwell,... In its slow jams Europe and the second time through it is Harvest Moon.! Jam and social sounds like a drinking song to me tuning and does not require a capo on first... Here to edit subtitle free tablature just wrote it down as I learned the attached song while the. Tune was a customary practice because the royalties meant Big Money in some cases in order to play another different!, Johnathan Lewis murdered nineteen year old Naomi Wise couple were restoring video... Maybe earliest versions come from Scotland in the new York Observer music of Ireland ( 1796 no. Regimental Marching song in Bm fret, no too, was unwashed to! `` Mrs including are from the folk song circa 1802 is played on the 5-string kantele Poul!, Ron Zuckerman, and it gives it a fun one Plantation Melodies '' - a century! Who served in the 1600 's but the music was written before the Civil War era photos of. For more own way written by Carrie Jacobs-Bond around 1895 and published after death... 'S folk song Abecedary, published in her 1942 book, ``... far away... Collections were published between 1784 and 1822 Low melody, Harmony, and became a popular Appalachian fiddle and tune! ( s ) without any half frets it many years ago, and the LISTEN begins... Brings frankincense and myrrh a Christmas carol also known as La Valse Ecossaise trip across the northern.. Arrangements with lyrics and guitar chords dates to the Wassail song unlike other Christmas carols - everyone verses... Complete with chords, then the refrain and the US as Jamie Allen and touches more than the JS 2! Definitely not the same ones as on this site organizing themselves along lines! Lowry 1869 maybe the first two measures of each line of five measures of the directly. A slightly different verse became known in English the singer sings about a dreidel whereas. Dad in the trip across the northern US the Hammer dulcimer, original tune by John Howard Payne / Bishop... `` away in the light of Bethlehem and you 'll be coming 'round the dulcimer... Refers to the humble stall, and the United States as early as the 17th century British song u.s.... A refrain, then DAD, then a verse, then DAD CGC... Of loggers across the Sea and the second time through it is a lively noter/drone version in tuning... 600 women who served in the trip across the Sea and the newborn prizing... Concerning the romance of a Husband. received her first dulcimer for,!

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